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Her cherry popped.I gawked as the last evidence of my masculinity receded into a smooth bead, then hid beneath the fleshy hood that capped my new pussy.The doorbell rang.“You are so tight.”That feels so good.Holding herself upright with a firm two-handed grip on the stallion’s pulsing cock, she aligned his massive shaft with her pretty face and opened her cum-filled mouth wide in greedy anticipation."What are you gonna do about it?" she whispered.Rogue was clearly in no hurry.Call it 'woman's intuition,' if you want.I tried to say something but the waiters hand was now on the back of my head, Caine continued to fuck my fuck-hole while pressing his thumb onto my ass hole.I turned around, pressed my naked body against the stones, and leveraged my fingers into a crack in the wall.The finger in my asshole felt good now as he pushed in and out it was soon joined by another spit covered finger which hurt a little as it was not gentle.I guessed that there would be less people in the par

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