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In this case Junus looked almost identical to Kita.She took a deep breath, this would be interesting.Where has your favoritism gotten me, Mother?She hadn’t seen me enter the room, as she was looking out the window with her back towards me. The way she was standing there in the sunlight, framed by the walls and the gauze curtains made an awful pretty picture and I had to take a moment to look and admire my beautiful teenaged daughter.“You and me both, chief.” Phil replied dryly.The guys all asked for fresh beers, having been idling towards the bottom of their bottles, and she took the empties into the kitchen to recycle, wiggling her ass as she walked away, pretending not to care if they turned to watch her or not."I didn't think it would be a problem.The thoughts racing through Jace’s mind were crazy.“Well, are you ready?” I asked Jeff while we were stretched out on our towels on a sandy spot at the lake . . .I let out a little laugh.He started to pump his fingers in and ou

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