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“Adam, remember that first and foremost, I am your teacher.”It was at that point I realised I had a raging hard on and made a grab for her tits.“I'm not the only futa in Jefferson any longer.As she forced Erica to suck her twat, she remembered licking up the piss at the lingerie, and how humiliated and powerless she'd felt, and she gratefully released her own bladder.Then the big day came, the day when everyone else was due to arrive.Yes, Bob only managed to pump my tight little ass full twice before collapsing from exhaustion.I followed her into the kitchen trying to do the mental calculations to figure out exactly when there would be no more fabric left."Please I hurt Sir Please no more...Please."Amy looked at the tent that she was causing and her eyes opened a bit wider.Not to say that it wasn't feeling damn nice.It turned their blood toxic, filled their mouths with the taste of ash, and cut their lifespans in half.I shaved her myself.”She’d have no idea of telling where t

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“That’s what I was told.”“Thanks, Adam.” she replied quietly.After they had bathe she dressed them in fine silk night cloths, no underwear and lead them to a small cozy dining room where the other girls sat waiting where Devil had arranged a simple dinner of Roast beef, Pasta and a Salad.Her eyes never left the action, so she watched as Hunter’s lips were prodded by an invisible implement and left a green-tinted, glowing smear of goo on her bottom lip.She rode the crest of her passion, her mind utterly consumed by her pussy, throbbing, pumping out waves of warmth.He said it in such a suggestive way that she was certain it must be rather sexual in nature, a thing that pleased her much more than it usually would.The only way Grace could take Rhyhorn's big thick horse cock was by using the O-Powers herself.We smelled of pussy.It took me a couple of minutes to put my costume back on because the tank was deep and I had to tread water all the time.As he was sitting facing my stre

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