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“Momo, what is the last thing you remember before waking up?”“I don’t want this to be just a Free XXX Tube one-time thing…” she says.“The rest of her file is redacted.Who the hell do you think you are?Her panties were sexier than I imagined she owned.The other one though, was overly large.I lowered my head, staring down into the depths of her cunt.he's dangerous.”We arrived only a couple of minutes late.It wasn’t a lie, I honestly was over Amanda.“After all, I gotta get my booty to the point where it could take something like that.” She gestured towards my cock.Thellus nodded as they entered the wormhole.By the great power I hope that all brother saw when he made this plan comes to fruition."They were the only other fully clothed men in the room, and each of them carried a nine-tailed whip with braided tendrils tipped with hardened resin beads.I cupped his balls with one of my hands and played with them.She stared blankly forward, through the window, at James.She didn't lower h

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