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What if?Innocent people forced on trains and shipped to a concentration camp, it was a travesty that the world had tried to prevent repeating, but this was a horror far beyond the Holocaust.“They could learn to take me like you do, my love.Auntie needs your cock.“After peering in, I stopped Mr. Avery in the hallway and said with as much fascination as I could muster, ‘Ooh, pretty.I will add more when it happens.Swallow his cum,” the homeless man said.“That’s great dad, what if they like your stuff?”"There's climate control in here," said Amy.“Treadmill.”Her breath came back to her finally afterI want to hope that Violet is not in any danger, that’s all.But truth is, I miss you and I am in love with you.It was common knowledge among their circle of friends that while Emily didn’t really like being touched, and she hated being picked up—but with Brian, it was different.Most of all, I remembered the way she had kissed me, hungrily and sincerely, and with a promise

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I would not submit.Now it’s her hands that sink down my back and tightly grab my butt cheeks, spreading them.He also started to moan a little and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation."Actually," she went on, "your kundi tastes better than some other parts of your body.I felt her slender thighs parted around the outside of mine, her heat radiating between them, a droplet of nectar oozing onto the stiff head of my cock.One had a polearm pointed directly at this throat, just an inch from it.She coyly smiled “yes would you please fuck me”?One had written “Go Futa-Rams” in purple over her shaved twat.It wasn’t long before Jon and the 2 sales women were all picking dresses off the racks and telling me to try them on.My balls began emptying all that remained of the cum that was left inside me, shooting with an added power that pushed my cum deeper than I think it had ever gone before.To which I got back “ you haven't finished your coffee"“I reckon it would be the coolest thi