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I gripped the chair and then looked outside.You wanna go last?” Mike asked.I was struggling more and more to keep my head then I felt hair on his body when he would lean on me. I used my fingers and tried to pinch hair between them.“You have it, Daddy!” Sam moaned.“Damn,” I said standing up.Her pubic hair was soft and silken and already matted down with her juices.She was wearing sandals that exposed some of the prettiest feet in existence.Henry nodded, sucking from tit to tit.“Hey, I’m going to grab something to eat,” Nicole says.The man in front of her sucked on her nipples and kissed all over her breasts as his hands cupped and caressed every inch of her skin on her neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, and ribcage.They were all sitting on one side of a table, with an empty chair across from them.I panted and groaned.Of course, it never dawned on Jan--because she didn't take the time to closely examine them--that the panties she found in John's dresser might have been wa

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