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Not waiting for her response, he put his phone down on the bed, unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees.I've wanted this so much.Chuck never had admitted that he’d fucked me but I was now 99.9 percent sure that he had.My dad had bought me 2 liters of vodka and a 32 pack of beer.“You’re still hard?” Ashley smirked, looking at me.Our tongues were working overtime swirling around in each others mouth.Things had just changed in their life and he wasn’t exactly sure how much yet.I leaned down and peeked around the partition at floor level.“And you must be my Master's mother.It was embarrassing, but also, somehow, thrilling.I rode towards the city and stopped a few miles in. I parked my motorcycle on the side and walked in to a new pet shop.I glanced at her again.She just put her finger up to her mouth and stared blankly past me as she listened intently through the wall.Tori waited for a reply after a few minutes passed.She didn't deserve that.Evan fluffed the front

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