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I guess after the long week of working, then last nights sexcapades, I must have been pretty tired.Faltia squealed in delight, and threw her arms around Alexa.I want to choke.Becky said it will take around three days to finish but she has all the right people to do the job.I asked CherriOnce having the largest diameter of the bottle stretching my pussy, he pressed more of the bottle into me, pulled it out so the neck was inside and pressed the bottle back in. His other hand found my exposed and swollen clit and pinched it between thumb and index finger as nearly all of the bottle sank inside me. His voice came to me through my own moaning with his fingers still working my clit.With just that thought I have another orgasm.You must have some kind of idea."She took the hem of my dress between her thumb and finger, and rolled the material, “This looks quite beautiful on you, Emily Huston.”I wanted the best for her.At 7:00 the next morning, the funeral director came in and spoke brief