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When he is finished, Rob grabs some tissues and helps clean her face.Erica's eyes were glazed over and Laura guessed she might have managed to tune out the outside world and pretend she was alone.I can't take another fucking now.It's okay.I could keep pumping away in her, make us both cum again, let her pussy properly enjoy my futa-dick.A little later we headed back upstairs.She had a big smile on her face.It wouldn't be long before I will be out of there.“Yes Master” I replied.My mind was saying “Pull the trigger!Whilst this was happening, Julie felt the crop being removed and being replaced with two long delicate fingers that probed deep inside her pussy.When she was finished cleaning me off she got up and took a step away from the couch.Why on earth would you do that to your little brother?She put her arms around me ,drew me closer and kissed me again just about sucking my tongue down her throat.I see your happy to see me she whispered running her hand down on my still hard co

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