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Do you think…” She paused again, sure that her father would be incredulous at her request.I’ve got tidying up to do in here.How much kinky things could she have gotten into?If you lift that pussy of yours off me I’ll go to the bathroom, then to bed.”Fuck me, baby!”It was one week since I delivered Miss Hastings to the Bordello in Hythe known as the “Green Room.”“Calm,” I replied.I was getting turned on hard, my nuts ached daily but my only sexual outlet was self-inflicted satisfaction in the lonely hours of the night."Hey," he said, turning to her.She stopped riding and pleaded with him silently not to tell her.He sat back momentarily on his haunches, then gave an effortful grunt as he rose to his feet.A little bit more and she was exposing bare thigh flesh.Loud moans that were hardly being muffled.CHAPTER 21Every time she thought she’d reached her lowest point, something happened to prove her wrong.I asked him why and he said we deserved it after walking around a

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