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I sat on the bed next to her.The look she gave him caused Jace to lift an eyebrow of confusion when she seemed to brighten up and smile.The softness of her lips thrilled me; I was intoxicated by her tongue mingling with mine with such affectionate grace.“Mom please sit.” She did “Now I’m going to snap my fingers you will be wake up, you will remember nothing of this.“Will I have to take my clothes off?”Such wicked, incestuous lust burned inside of me. Dad was so sexy.Dr. Ronda gently told Tina to remain as still as she could.I pushed up like I wanted to lift him on my cock.I felt so happy when I thought about it and... and...“I don’t care.It walked away from me a bit.“Yeah, of course,” Piper replied; “can’t all girls?That frustration stayed on my mind as I stalked back to the cabin.Tomiko opened the door letting Bruno outside."Heres to you, Michael."When I looked back at them their eyes were so wide, I was getting close to another intense orgasm, being so expose