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“I’m letting you have my cunt, that is more than you deserve.”She had spent her entire life in the wilderness, save for her memory blurred time in the slavers pit and one night of passion in an Inn with Lace.Our kissing increases to the passion we felt not long ago sitting by the water front, our tongues dancing intertwining tasting each other, my hands roaming up and down over your body, your hands roaming over mine, again we moan into each others mouths as our bodies and lower extremities grind together.“Thank you, citizen, thank you indeed.” said a corpulent, white-bearded man. “Now, please take your place”.I went upstairs and dropped my shorts and lay on the bed wanting to be watched and fucked.I would like to propose a deal.“It’s over.It went to a site that was very big called "live stream" he sighs into the site and gets started while his sex slave was in the bathroom, getting ready for the video stream.“Any questions?I was so entirely stuffed full wi

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