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Like I've said before, when we look at dogs, we see animals we can love and set to purpose, but when dogs look at us, they see God himself.I walked over to the man and stood in front of him.Ian made weak attempts to push his guardian away while Silas grabbed his arms and wrapped the belt around his wrists and bound them to the bars on the headboard.Just walking through the house.I look down and look back up at her.“Don’t move, Jacob.” she warned as she used what felt like a satin sash to tie my ankles and wrists to the feet of the bed frame.Carol thought about it for a second coyly she told them “I think I’d like to see my sister getting fucked seeing her Cuming on a big cock would be a turn on, does she make noise like me”?Mia was faintly aware, through the soft haze that filled her head, that her jaw had dropped.You made such sweet love to Astrid, Corruption whispered, pressing her ethereal, black body against mine, separating her thighs about my waist, you were so kind t

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