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I’d never seen so many naked men all at the same time.She quickly kicked off her shoes and pulled off her shorts and panties, kicking them across the room.Mom would always be up to see me off to school, regardless of how wild her night was or who she had in her bed.With that, he moved her onto his recliner chair with his hands on her butt cheeks and began to plunge his tongue down her vaginal throat.“Yeah, I meant every word!” I hissed at him while Cali nuzzled into my ear.“Why?” Victor asked, giving me a look.You enjoy this feeling of dominance for a few moments before moving behind me. You grab my hair and start spanking my naked ass with the belt.Slowly he remembered where he was, he had sat down a few hours ago at the entrance to the wooden bunker his squad and another had been posted to.The whole encounter could not have been more than a minute before we were walking back up the hallway toward the still boisterous kitchen.Sitting on the floor was a pair of four inch pump

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